Lia Beltrami

Lia Beltrami film director, producer, author, and art director. She is the multi award-winning director of over 50 documentaries. She received the Golden Lion for Peace in Venice in 2017. She founded the group Women of Faith for Peace in Jerusalem and is the president of the production company Aurora Vision. She is also the author of six published books and participates in multiple fora around the world as a panelist on the above themes.

Marianna Beltrami

Marianna Beltrami graduated with an MPhil in Environmental Governance at the University of Oxford in 2022, where she focused on the intersection between spirituality, the environment, and the arts. She works with Aurora Vision in the production and making of documentaries. Marianna is passionate about bringing art at the heart of the agenda of integral ecology, women’s rights, and interfaith dialogue.


Formidable Partners

Formidable: tending to inspire awe or wonder. Formidable Partners is a firm that serves a global network of impact partners, non-profits, and family offices while building mission-driven strategies that transcend generations and create sustainable impact. Formidable Partners aims to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges by re-awakening our sense of wonder, optimism, positivity, and hope.

International Artists

We are joined by an ever-growing group of talented international artists who welcome the challenge to interpret today’s pressing challenges through their unique gaze.

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