by Lia Beltrami and Asaf Ud Daula

A journey that starts from the symbolic charge of the motions of the origins, up to the anthropomorphic representation involving the force of creation in the pure joy of protagonists of the world.

The path towards integral ecology has inspired the development of this photographic journey and exhibition into the encyclical Laudato si’. Art opens us to worlds of different visions, showing us new moments of space and time, in- serting them into our daily life in a surprising way. The interpretation given by the creators of this exhibition, a young muslim photographer and a catholic director, not only shows us that “nature is filled with words of love” (Laudato si’, 225), but that we can enter into a dialogue with Creation, our common home, and our brothers and sisters to show the profound art of our ecosystems – an art that is disturbed when humans have an extractivist mentality, from the “misuse of creation” that happens when we “see nothing else but ourselves” (Laudato si’, 6). So, let’s immerse oursel- ves in these shots to see ourselves again as protagonists of an art, in which the center is not us individuals, but the caress of God that connects everything and everyone.

Cardinal Peter K.A. Turkson

Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development