Where art:
touches emotions  pushes for personal  and social change


Emotions to Generate Change is a platform for the creation of artistic initiatives and laboratories with a clear vision: art as an emotion-driven motor for personal and social change.

We are faced with an interconnected series of social crises: the ecological crisis, increasing inequality, widespread conflict, loneliness, and ongoing isolation in an accelerated world. To face this issue, no voices and approaches must be left unheard. Alongside politics, science, and education, the arts have a vital role to play through their ability to touch the deepest parts of one’s soul. In polarized times, art – whether through photography, film, music, and many more forms – can overcome barriers and unite people of different political positions. Through only two years of activity, we have certainly seen this happening in unique and touching ways. Emotions to Generate Change wants to create personal and social change for today’s big issues, while showcasing the talent of many artists around the world through exhibitions, films, panels and events. Our exhibitions travel the world and create the opportunity for important conversations and for symposiums and panels where participants have the opportunity to talk, network, and plan a better society.


· Photo exhibition “Emotions To Generate Change: Laudato Si’” — Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City

· Photo exhibition “Women’s Cry – El Clamor de las Mujeres” — Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City

· Symposium “Role of Art & Media in Civil Society” — Rome, 11 May 2023

· Film screening “Guardians of the Rainforest” with Religions for Peace at the 2023 UN General Assembly — New York City, 20 September 2023

· Photo exhibition “CHANGES” — Holy See Press Office, 4 October 2023

· Symposium “Care for our Common Home: Building and Communicating An Economy that Promotes Sustainability and Peace”Vatican City, 7 November 2023

· Meal “Changes, art and ecology through the art of food”Vatican City, 7 November 2023 

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